Spring at the Pond

Spring at the Pond

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"Spring at the Pond" is a tender portrayal of a young girl's moment beside the tranquil waters. There's a hush in this scene, an invitation to pause and relish the simple joy of a sunlit day and the quiet company of nature.

With a gentle hand, I have painted the girl's contemplation, a silent dialogue with the world around her. The soft rustle of leaves and the murmur of water are the only sounds that accompany her. This piece, imbued with the vivid greens and fluid light of a new season, is an homage to those quiet moments of childhood that are as fleeting as they are precious.


Custom Orders & Special Requests: If you have a specific vision or a particular space to fill, I'm open to discussing special requests. Please email me at: mikemalmfineartprints@gmail.com to discuss custom sizes or bulk orders.

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